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Knowing more about your users and potential users is a critical key in mastering your site and the potential of it. Don't hire external companies to do your planning until you actually understand how to use SEO Ranking software yourself. Know what needs

Knowing more about your users and potential users is a critical key in mastering your site and the potential of it. Don’t hire external companies to do your planning until you actually understand how to use SEO Ranking software yourself. Know what needs to be done, as in the long run many (if not most) of these companies will create major damage to your brand instead of actually helping it. (Trust us we’ve been through that.)

Is it IMPORTANT to use ranking SEO software?

Yes. That was short and to the point. If that’s all you wanted to know then here is our recommended tool to use for SEO Ranking software.

Why Is it important?

About 2 years ago, I took it on myself to manage my own SEO [Search Engine Optimization]. It wasn’t easy to research and understand what is important as most (if not all) of the information out there is geared mainly toward trying to make someone sound like an expert. There is really, really big money in search engines. From marketing all the way down to SEO Ranking software. The actual value only occurs when the guy at the head of the company has a strategy and knows exactly what he needs and wants.

As someone who grow up around marketers and ad guys, I know one thing – people don’t like being tricked. Before I was in advertising I knew people liked it when you promised them something and delivered. That may be a novel idea, but it’s very true and simple. Do I care if I have masses of traffic or do I care that my traffic is high quality? My real focus is on giving whoever is searching specific keywords the best result for their search. No SEO guy can do that. Only you as the CEO of your company can integrate content and make such decisions.

In short, it’s critical that before you even start planning a strategy to understand where you are now and the results of your efforts to date. Tools such as Rank Tracker are a perfect planning partner as they help you see really in-depth information about your brand at the click of a button. This information once was something that was exclusive to the SEO gurus who used these type of tools to “cheat.” You can take the same tools the pros use to understand your brand better and create a better experience for your users – we know because we do that, and we love this tool for it.

Should you get a do-it-all tool?

You don’t need to get a tool that does it all. You want a tool that is the master of one thing “knowing what is going on in your site from Google’s perspective and that of other major search engines”. One of the most important things you can do when you run your own website is understand what your brand is all about and, more importantly, what do Google and real users think about your brand? Rank tracking doesn’t mean you will automatically go up in every search engine, but it ensures you that now you know what is up, what is not, why it’s in that position.

The best place to start is to go into your analytical tool and check to see if you have traffic that is organic. If so, you need to figure out which are the most common words being used to find your site. Next step would be to figure out in your head the right base-line keywords for your brand. For example, for many years ours was “Flash Training” and now we are expanding our reach. Getting into “HTML5 Training” and “JavaScript Training” as our school is expanding out of only Flash Training into a new world of possibilities. This tool is not a strategy tool, but your tracking tool validates that what you’re doing on your site and elsewhere is working. It’s vitally important to monitor this and your real organic traffic to discover what keywords are important to your brand. Over time you will turn into a master at this! Never give this job out – always keep it in house. If you can’t afford having a techy or someone else do it, do it yourself. It’s not that difficult but it does takes some practice. It’s actually fun!

Real Synergy: 02Geek’s Use of SEO ranking software

When we discovered Rank Tracker, it was part of a bigger bundle. We don’t use all the tools available but this is one of our favorites. There’s a lot of satisfaction in knowing that not only are you getting more users on your site but that the particular users you want are on your radar and heading your way. Instead of just hoping to reach high, we listed all the keywords that are important to us and monitored their activity closely. Since we began, we noticed that many new keywords were rising to the top of Google. Yay! Welcome targeted free users that actually will find value in our content.

When we first used Rank Tracker, it took 5 minutes to set up. We thought that was far too simple: then we discovered that it really was and is! It’s easy and detailed. It doesn’t do our work for us: it just informs us about how well we did and suggests how we can do better. We like doing weekly and monthly checkups to ensure we’re on track. And whenever we get a new keyword on our agenda, we just add it in and keep all the history and progress of that keyword in all search engines important to us.

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