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It's simple, really. No one wants to drill down through several search levels and still not find what they're hunting. At 02geek, we have many courses, some interlinked, some that require other courses be taken first. This can be confusing for the

It’s simple, really. No one wants to drill down through several search levels and still not find what they’re hunting. At 02geek, we have many courses, some interlinked, some that require other courses be taken first. This can be confusing for the first-time student, or someone looking to become a student. One click and they get the info they need: and they meet one of our 02geek people into the bargain. A simple question can turn into a discussion on what courses they really need, what they’ve done up until now, and their long-term goals. From their point of view, they now have a better idea of what we offer: from ours, we’ve connected with a student and have a little more knowledge on what students really want. Win-win.

Olark made this function accessible to any site via adding a couple of lines of code and access to a chat client ( iChat, Adium, Pidgin,, Gtalk and more.) As we said above, installation is a snap: you can even use your own colors, as we did. Not just colors, either. Different languages too, and if a help box doesn’t thrill you, the code can hook to a graphic users click. ?

I like it because it will also text my Iphone (Android and Blackberry supported also.) We rarely use this feature: we’re only ‘live’ for a couple of hours a day. But for others who have the time, this is a great feature. Clients no longer have to wait on hold for hours. This is instant: that’s the charm of it. s)on.

No more angry users who need help right away or lost leads for products because a customer couldn’t reach anyone for help.

Imagine your own site, whether you’re services- or products-based. How many potential leads come, look, wish they could ask questions and just leave? “Does product XYZ really …?”

Whether the answer is “yes” or “no,” that client is reassured they’re buying a product that works for them.

The discount is best of all: there is a FREE version – 20 free chats a month! For small or new sites, or just to try before you buy — this is perfect.

Who makes Olark?

Interesting question, we learned! Imagine starting a web hosting business in high school – and as time goes by, getting frustrated over setting up live chats for clients. Even back then they knew that direct contact would keep a client returning: there’s a bond formed when you chat live with someone. They sold that business.

Some while later, Zach Steindler, Roland Osborne, Ben Congleton and Matt Pizzimenti had an idea while studying how technology causes cultural changes and how to create virtual communities. Why not put fast, sleek live help on small sites, to help them grow? They co-founded Olark – and now the sites aren’t so small anymore.

Does 02Geek use Olark? If so, how?

As we mentioned above, we’re implementing it to make life easier for those who are interested in our products. It’s working, as you see by the numbers I mentioned above. We already customize our courses for each student, why not customize our customer interaction? We feel this personal attention will enhance and grow our community. For more information on our Olark implementation, see LINK.

What is 02Geek all about?

Here at 02Geek, we provide from-the-ground-up training for the hottest programming languages, including Flash, HTML 5, JavaScript and many more. Learning is highly personal: and we’ve based our entire strategy on that fact. Our customized exams let students know where they are before they even start the course – and all exams are FREE! Why pay for a block of time and then be forced to sit through videos of material you’re already familiar with? NOT!

Our lessons are, erm, different. We have minds that function outside the box! (XML node example: “The root is Mr. Monkey, who has a store, monkey_business…)

Best of all, we have pride and confidence in our products: both our tutorials and our products that we sell! Our confidence is such that we offer many of our products completely FREE: try before you buy seems fair to us. It works well with our philosophy that learning is a personal business: our teaching is customized for each student at the least cost possible. Did you know that all our exams are FREE? (Why should you take a course you already know well? A fast exam, and on to the next course.)

Several of our courses are completely FREE: check them out (especially “Starting Point” if you haven’t programmed before or need a refresher course.) For experienced programmers, “Create a Game Using Twitter” – connect to Twitter using RSS and play with E4X!

Keep one thing in mind: we are a private school with interactive trainer support. As such, best reserve your seat before it’s gone!

I hope you enjoyed this Olark review don’t forget to check some of our other reviews.

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