HTML5 Books Reviewed: Data Visualization

No more tables used for layout! Why? According to the W3C's spec, because "... tools attempting to extract tabular data from such documents would obtain very confusing results." Not that it ever was a good idea to use tables to manage your pixels: CSS

No more tables used for layout! Why? According to the W3C’s spec, because “… tools attempting to extract tabular data from such documents would obtain very confusing results.” Not that it ever was a good idea to use tables to manage your pixels: CSS was created just for that.

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With HTML5, more and more rendering is left to the browser, with elements such as article, figcaption, figure, footer, header, nav and summary. Then there’s ‘canvas,’ meant for specifying an area for drawing a bitmapped graphic on the fly, such as a data graph. Although HTML5 sounds scary its not its actually a very simple tagging language that you can learn in your sleep – well that is if you can learn in your sleep.

Why are there so many books about HTML5? Moreover, why are there so many people clambering to learn it before they become uncool? The truth is that no one really teaches HTML5 for the most part: people teach JavaScript and CSS3, and how some new APIS introduced in HTML effect mainly JavaScript.

The new features and capabilities added into HTML5 enable us to do a lot more than we could do with HTML alone. One of the more advanced topics and the most important one introduced in HTML5 is the ‘canvas’. The canvas is a JavaScript API that enables developers to draw via code through a 2D and a 3D environment. Our CEO Ben Fhala, the creator of 02GEEK, really wanted to get his foot into the book writing world and wondered what would be the best book he could write, one that would add the most value to the cyber geek world? As he pondered about it it hit him…

Data Visualization and thinking how to visualize through code is one of the most complex topics in HTML5 and in programming in general. Why not create a book that slowly teaches the Canvas API while teaching the basics of advance coding and data visualization? That’s exactly what Ben aimed to create. For about six months he saw his cats more then he saw the sun or his friends and gave birth to the best HTML5 book in the market. After you read it you will get why we think its the best one.

What’s HTML5 Graphics & Data Visualization about?

Developers need to get up to speed on HTML5 ASAP: soon, most browsers will support it. This book takes a look at the spiciest elements of HTML5: graphics, of course. It will take you step by step through the basic creation of visual charts all the way to complex geographical location information driven by Google Maps and Drive.

Together with JavaScript, HTML5 is moving away from Flash or server-side generated images: this book will walk you through making the right choice to create a custom graphic or chart. You’ll learn to work with and modify third-party tools such as Google Visualization API, Maps, and Docs. Fhala also includes dealing with data formats from strings, external files, and XML to Twitter search results: this is far from just a graphic design book!

Why this particular HTML5 book over the others?

That’s an easy one. If you’re read one html5 book, you’ve read all HTML5 books. Every single one is alike… does “hello world” sound familiar? I’ve outputted that to so many places in so many languages by now – I’m sure you have too!

Every other HTML5 book is the same: covering HTML5, all of it – which means, of course, none of it in detail. Little dribs and drabs, very basic, of all major functionality. Nothing that will help you with a real project, where you need to buy yet another book for whatever it is.

More importantly, to become a great developer you must expose yourself to the right level of creation in the process of learning. With HTML5 Graphing and Data Visualization Cookbook we do exactly that.

HTML5’s biggest new feature is the Canvas API. Most any developer who needs HTML5 needs it for one reason: give you three guesses and the first two don’t count.

HTML5 Graphics & Data Visualization Cookbook covers two bases all the others don’t: the graphics in depth, and how to advance your JavaScript skills. Dealing with and even changing 3rd party tools: all of which are vital in real-world development.

So, your choice! A general HTML book that covers many features (here are some of the best,) or our book that takes the one major feature and covers it thoroughly, along with the JavaScript needed?

Easy choice, eh?

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