Telestream ScreenFlow 3 Review

Probably the best thing in this screenflow review that tops this feature filled software is its price. Priced at at $99, ScreenFlow is a bargain. Competitive software costs in the range of $300. When we started up every dollar was painful to spend so we

Probably the best thing in this screenflow review that tops this feature filled software is its price. Priced at at $99, ScreenFlow is a bargain. Competitive software costs in the range of $300. When we started up every dollar was painful to spend so we didn’t spend much but this was one of the most critical investments we ever did well worth $99. If they would charge us $99 a month we would have no other option and pay for it… but please don’t tell them. Since then we built a partnership with Telestream and got them to give us an extra discount to share with our users. They get 10% off the software when you use our Telestream review coupon code GEEK10OFF.


Technically StreamFlow is far superior to other screen capture packages available. This software is stable and does not lose data; neither does the video nor sound go out of sync. It has many more features than that. From experience on our end working with other tools we discovered that StreamFlow is just better quality for our recordings. Where better means we had more control over the interactivity and we where able to record for long times without stopping (over an hour many times).

First, all the input, sound, video from different sources is captured in separate tracks and files. This makes it easier for later editing. And the application is sturdy enough to take the heavy load of the multimedia.

Second, it has a fantastic video editor. This version has features like the option to freeze frames, adjust clip and transition speed, apply saturation, brightness, and contrast to video clips. You have no idea how handy freeze frames can be when you type something you don’t want everyone to see but still want to keep the original sound track in place. We will not tell you how many times that happened to us but lets just say its very handy!

A real cool feature is the ability to create stand alone Flash files with video, html, and the player all embedded in one file. Or uploading your work directly to Youtube/Vimeo when you are done. For our site have a in house player so we don’t use this feature. Instead we output our videos in HD format; do one last edit with a sound editor to clean up some of the extra sound before we do a final publish.

The menu is extremely intuitive. The number of shortcuts has increased along with contextual menus. With the increase it is a really easy tool to jump into and start creating really amazing things. Even today we still discover new features as we work with it. With its simple and intuitive navigation you will be capturing and editing your courses in no time.

With the Video Annotation feature added, users can draw lines and boxes or circles around items. These can be filled or transparent. It does not stop there. You can add movement and transition as well. There are over 20 transitions available for you to choose from [Note that Cameras using the HDV codec are not supported].

Enhanced Timelines allow the user to reorder, delete and resize the height of the tracks.

Audio Quality filters now allow you to remove background noise, like the humming of a computer. Like Audacity, the changes can be seen/heard immediately. Even though the filters do work we found that dropping the videos into Garage band gives us just a bit more flexibility we need when tweaking the sound quality. I can’t wait for this feature to be really optimized in the tool as it would cut another few moments in our work flow (if we could do this within the tool). For everyday users this is more than enough. What makes this tool stand out is its stability and the really high quality video and sound recording. Its natural that sound editing should be done in a separate tool. This is a great feature addition that we hope the team at Telestream will invest more time into it and really make it stand out.

Previously, you could export your work directly to YouTube. Now, you can save your custom export settings as well. You can export to iPad or to Vimeo as selections from presets.

ScreenFlow lets you make multiple fonts and styles for greater appealing titles to the screencasts.

During recording, ScreenFlow has the best screen capture available. It uses multithreaded SSE, 64-bit enabled compression system. It can record DVD and audio as well as fast moving presentations. That probably explains why it never crashed on us. The colors of our recordings are so much more vivid since we started working with them. This is really major. Any screen capturing tool that doesn’t use 64-bit is just useless in this day and age of HD world that we live in.

The tool makes full use of Lion rich features of OS X such as Autosave.

What Others are saying about ScreenFlow

The reviews SreenFlow is getting are great. Allison Sheridon of “ … It’s time for the bottom line. I’ve tested out a fair number of video editors (even been playing with Final Cut Pro X this week) and by far ScreenFlow is my favorite. I wish I had ScreenFlow at work, that’s for sure. ScreenFlow is fairly priced at $100, lower than Camtasia for Mac (WAY lower than Camtasia for Windows). If you’ve got ScreenFlow 2, the $30 upgrade is more than worth it, even if it’s only to get autosave and versioning from Lion. I can without reservation recommend ScreenFlow from”

TeleStream pitches StreamFlow as a “professional Screecaster” program. And it is. It is easy for a company to pitch there own products as the best in the industry. We at 02geek had many issues when we started figuring out how to get high quality recordings before we discovered StreamFlow. If you are one of our students you will notice that our first 10 hours of video were made with a video quality that isn’t as sharp and crisp as our later releases. We worked with a few of the competitors (they crashed and created bad results – you have no idea how many times they crashed). We put the big cash got a new computer to discover the same issues where happening. Lucky for us we found StreamFlow  Since we started working with it we are so happy. Never had even one crash during recordings and never lost data! The quality of the recording is amazing as well. No wonder Cnet gives it 4+ stars and MacWorld gives it 5.

Topping it Off …

We at 02Geek top off this ScreenFlow review with an exclusive 10% discount code by giving deep discounts and making it much more easier for you to increase your productivity by using ScreenFlow.

The advantage of a tool like this is big. Even if you are not in the education arena but are focused as a start-up trying to keep clients happy. Trying to leverage your interactions with clients as a potentially new source of visibility by uploading solutions into pages on your site; FaceBook; and/or YouTube. Making it easier for others who are searching for the same issue to discover you and your brand.

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