Sothink SWF Decompiler Review and Discount

Even though this page is about an in depth review of Sothink Swf Decompiler we wanted to give a quick shout out to people that don't like reading that the team at 02geek has an exclusive sharp discount for the product. If you are ready to get it click

Even though this page is about an in depth review of Sothink Swf Decompiler we wanted to give a quick shout out to people that don’t like reading that the team at 02geek has an exclusive sharp discount for the product. If you are ready to get it click here.

02geek has a human manned team (instead of robots ;). To keep up-to-date with the software reviews and ensures that our discounts are the deepest that are possible by getting exclusive deals direct from the sellers or by highlighting the best deals online.


Sothink SWF Decompiler is the world’s leading Flash decompiler. True to its name, this decompiler breaks up the SWF file into its several original components that make up the file. Broadly speaking, these components are embedded audio and video files, and the programs (scripts) that make up an SWF file. The scripts are decompiled and presented in the original code that the script was written in. In addition, Flash files saved as .exe files are also read by the software and is treated just like the .swf file.

So, if I created a SWF file for some web site, you could essentially take it and break it apart. Study it to learn from it. Or make changes to it and then make it your own.

A great tool for beginners and professionals alike. This product by SourceTec is full of features and gets high marks from users and reviewers alike. Using Sothink SWF Decompiler you can find out almost everything about a Flash movie.

Sothink Swf Decompiler lists for $79 and is available for a free 30 day trial. Windows and Mac are supported. HINT: that’s the price for the people that are not our geeks want to find our exclusive discount price just click here.


Sothink SWF Decompiler can extract the shapes, sounds, images, sprites, fonts, texts and action scripts from a Flash movie. The interface lets you browse your computer much like Windows Explorer. You can navigate the hard disk and the network places to locate .swf files. It also has a preset to look up IE’s cache folder to pick out the .swf files of the movies you have seen in the past.

On the right, you can see the display of the components of a decompiled file named QuickStartguide.swf. You can see that the shapes, morph shapes, image, fonts, text, sprites, buttons, frames and Action scripts.

Let us look at these components one by one to see why this SWF Decompiler is the best.


The shape editor – WYSIWYG was added in shape panel to modify the existing shapes. You can edit shape elements in WYSIWYG Shape Editor directly instead of opening the third party tool like Adobe Flash. You can also import SVG and edit shape elements.

* You can delete, copy, paste, select, transform, and group shapes as you please.

* Colors can be added in a variety of ways such as a single color, or a gradient, or a bitmap to fill the shapes.

* Shapes can be exported to Sothink’s Glanda format (.gls file)

Images – can be exported to jpeg or bitmap files. Can delete or replace an image as well.

Sounds – can be exported to MP3 or WAV files. Can be replaced or deleted.

Sprites – Sprites are separate class in Flash which provides an alternate to the functionality of MovieClip. Sprite objects are movieclips but without a timeline. Sprites are decompiled in this tool and shown as scripts.

Fonts & Text are also extracted. Can be edited or replaced.

Action Scripts – are presented as readable code for the user. Syntax of the scripts are added in highlighted form. Full backward compatibility is provided starting from ActionScript 2.

Built-in Flash Viewer and Catchers

This software allows users to view the files they have chosen to decompile by using the built in Flash Viewer. You can capture Flash movies from the IE browser. Once the Decompiler is installed the “SWF Catcher Button” is added to the Internet Explorer. While viewing a Flash movie, click the Catcher button to let the Decompiler save it in its list for later decompiling.

Export Features

Sothink SWF Decompiler is full of export features that make this software a utility that you can’t do without. It is a developer’s dream to be able to move his/her work in and out to any software.

Movies can be exported to .flv files, sound can be exported to mp3 and wav files, and ActionScript files to text files.

Moreover the swf file can also be converted to FLA file as well. Which is fully compatible with Flash 6 and Flash 7.


Compatibility and Enhancements

The new version of Sothink Swf Decompiler also supports Flash CS5.5. It provides full compatibility with Flash from CS3 to CS5.5.  Version 7.0 enhances SWF to HTML5 converting function. Now, a web animation can be developed by HTML5 without using any plugins. With the increased popularity of Apple iOS devices, this is a great move.

Sothink SWF Decompiler upgrades the Flash Downloader for Firefox. Fully supports Firefox 8.0. Which helps to capture and save Flash SWF from the latest version of Firefox.


Well all that is left is for you to grab 02Geeks exclusive discount for Sothink Swf Decompiler here.

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