Adobe Creative Cloud New Features in Illustrator, Muse, and Edge

Adobe Illustrator® has three new features — available only to Creative Cloud members — that give you the ability to package files, unembed images, and do more with the Links panel. To access these features update Illustrator from its main menu
  • Adobe Illustrator® has three new features — available only to Creative Cloud members — that give you the ability to package files, unembed images, and do more with the Links panel. To access these features update Illustrator from its main menu by choosing Help > Updates.
  • Adobe Muse™ now includes built-in support for contact forms and many other new exclusive features.
  • Adobe Edge Animate preview now has resizable layouts, rulers and guides, and a more precise timeline. If you used Edge in the past, you’ll notice they’ve also updated the name.
Adobe launched its Creative Cloud in April this year. It has the promise of opening up access to users that have been on the sidelines due the price of the heavy duty programs like Photoshop. The membership fees of $50 per month is ideal for smaller businesses and the like. One of Adobe’s main selling point is that the updates made to any one of the 26 apps in the cloud will be updated immediately. And it looks like they are living up to their promises!

As we noted in an earlier posts on creative cloud new features Adobe is geared to make private updates for the Adobe Creative Cloud community and within a day from posting that post we get this list of updates in an email. For latest discount and in-depth review check out our Adobe Creative Cloud discount page or our latest blog post on the Creative Cloud.

Adobe Creative Cloud making Adobe more interactive than ever

We just got an email from Adobe, which informed us of three new features which have been added to Illustrator. This is a new experience for us and thought we should share it with our readers.

The promise made by the Adobe Creative Cloud is certainly being kept. A quick scan of the new features in the month of August alone are 5. This is interestingly unsettling since us Adobe users are not used to updates till a new release comes out – which takes about 2 years!  This shift has a lot of positives, and a lot of negatives as well. Knowing we should expect major updates every year and minor changes on a regular base is very promising but with it comes a grave question. Adobe has been used to working in a model of 24 month cycles as most major software companies are. Even with that time frame it is sometimes impossible to create the depth of changes that are needed. The big question is how will a yearly major update affect the quality of the updates. I do have some concerns but I guess I will find out if I’m right or wrong in the next few years as we see the type of updates we get.  With that said – although I do think the major updates will probably be hurt by this move – it will probably be a very important change for that quick changes will help the Adobe user base.  We live in very interesting times and with the Adobe Creative Cloud new features updates we will have a  better view of the company’s proprieties.

What’s new in Illustrator

A new productivity feature.  Improvements to  the process of  sending a project to production which includes all the fonts, images into a single folder. Adobe says that this feature has long been requested by users of Illustrator.

Un-embed Images and Other enchantments. images that are in an Illustrator project, can now be unembeded and taken out for use within other Illustrator projects or outside of Illustrator. The Links panel now allows you to access any image used in any Illustrator file.


The web designing software, Muse, is a software that allows web designers to produce web sites without going through the coding. It is intended to be a Flash substitute to create HTML5 creative based sites and banners. Adobe has added built-in Contact Forms and has added Japanese language support. this new update makes it clear that the tool is evolving and getting integrated with the Adobe forums central offering.

Adobe® Muse™ lets designers create websites without writing code. Planning, designing, and publishing original HTML pages is as easy as creating layouts for print. With master pages; access to over 400 web fonts served by Adobe Typekit®; built-in tools for interactivity, including contact forms; and a choice of publishing hosts; you can produce distinctive, professional websites that meet the latest web standards.

Edge gets a new name …

Adobe has decided to change the name of its Edge software to “better reflect” what the software does and now calls it Adobe Edge Animate.

The changes are quite a few, most notable is being able to set screen sizes for different sizes in multiple forms. Of course, the different screen sizes are now necessary since development is being done not just for PCs but for iPads, iPhones, Smartphones and Android tablets. In addition, ruler guides and shadow effects have also been added.

Remember, Edge Animate is only available in the Creative Cloud only. That’s the privilege of working under a cloud.

Creative Cloud’s “improved purchase experience” for students and teachers

Adobe has clarified the eligibility criteria for access to the highly discounted rates for students and teachers. The form itself has been simplified. Just include the institution name (whether you are a student or a teacher), the graduation date, and the payment details.

Our take on Creative Cloud new features

Overall Creative Cloud new features  are geared towards increased productivity. More and more of Adobe applications are gearing up towards quick and easy transfer of projects to their final resting places (such as printing presses). Usability of material, such as images accessible to different projects in Illustrator is a productivity feature. It was interesting to see how many of the updates in the last few years have been more focused at stream lining work and less about cutting the edge of creativity. Its a very clear indicator of the type of industry that we are in these days that value is directly connected to productivity. We wouldn’t be surprised to see more of this trend throughout all applications.

Lets not forget that Adobe is new to the cloud. Adobe’s competition is offering cloud based products and Adobe’s presence was not only being missed but it can’t afford to sit on the fence either. We do expect that just like its other  products,  Creative Cloud will prove to be a customer attraction. For our complete review of the Cloud click here.

Adobe’s major selling point in Creative Cloud was the release of new features as soon as they are ready to be updated.  Adobe is doing just that with Creative Cloud new features. Visit our Creative Cloud Discount page.


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