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Say hello to our newest relationship with PacktPub Shaveer of PacketPub approached me a few weeks ago with a fantastic book that really-really fits into our school needs. As a school really, it isn't that we tried to hide behind closed walls. A school

Say hello to our newest relationship with PacktPub

Shaveer of PacketPub approached me a few weeks ago with a fantastic book that really-really fits into our school needs. As a school really, it isn’t that we tried to hide behind closed walls. A school is a place that enables you to expand your mind and grow. If that isn’t our main goal we shouldn’t be a school. I was really happy when Shaveer sent me the book Flash Game Development by Example. The book fits like a glove to our learning schedule. As such, any of our prime students that buys this book will get full support while learning it, through our facebook hidden community. This will be the first of many other books that we will endorse.

The Review

I really like this book. It fits really well with our learning strategy. Every chapter of the book is a bit more complex and a great complimentary resource to our training. When you get the book you might run through a few of the chapters but as you progress the content becomes more challenging. I don’t think this book on its own is a resource that can really give you all the tools you need to develop games but it definitely will open your eyes to important strategies in game development. The minimum requirements to this book would be to have watched all our Developer Basics videos(or equivalent background in programing). Ideally while you are reading this book continue to learn our Essential AS3 courses.

Why I like this book? Contrary to most books that attempt to teach you too quickly too many topics this one is very focused on its objectives. This book has a razor sharp focus on progressing complexity of arcade game development, with some some really great games that can spur your imagination and jump start your gaming life. A book is rarely enough to get you really saturated in a subject. We are very happy to integrate its spirit into our training in the next few weeks. We look forward to helping you through the challenges you will encounter as you morph into a game developer through our live support channels as part of your membership.

Recommendation on reading strategy

I would avoid reading this book as a reference book. Instead use it as a task book. Start by reading the first few pages of a chapter, then try thinking on your own how to solve and build the game. You don’t need to build the full game, but its important to try and build the skills necessary to do so. Ideally you would want to use the book more as a cheat sheet than a recipe. If you just copy and paste it will not be an as effective of a tool that this book is meant to be. When you are reading the book and want more of a challenge drop us a line (in our facebook hidden community). We will be more than happy to come up with more challenges for you.

Book giveaway in our next live event

3 lucky students will get a free digital copy from PacktPub with a pile of extra digital goods. The rest of our students that will attend our live event will get 25% extra off the book on Packpub site. We plan on opening up this discount to everyone. The catch is we will do that only the day before the discount expires. If you arr not a member you will need to follow our twitter and have your credit card ready to buy, as not to miss out on this great offer from PacktPub.

When is our live event

We have a live event every other Sunday. Our next event is going to jump start the topic building games in AS3. We will attack the game ‘Fill It’. Actually attack is a big word as we plan to take a few weeks and build it out slowly. We will learn and build up deeper our OOP and Flash skills. You don’t want to miss the live events. We will be building the game without pre-planning. That means we will have errors and many of them. There just isn’t a better way to learn than to think out loud live. More details and info on the event will be posted soon. (live Sunday Jun 5 16:00pm NYC) or in your local time:

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Danny Priest-Glover
I have recently been working on the concentration game from the first chapter of this book (which is really good by the way). I have tried to add some more complexity to it by adding things like a turn counter, and also a menu. However I am having a bit of a bug with it. Whenever I click the menu button to return to the menu, the cards are not removed from the screen. Does anybody think that they would be able to help suggest a solution to the problem? If you want to see the code just ask and… Read more »

Nice work Danny! It is looking really good.