Spamming is SO Not Cool

April 12, 2011

I’ve been starting lately to send emails to our members after 9 months of being in the dark. It definitely brings the good and bad out of people. I really don’t want to email people that don’t want to get emails. My point is, now that we actually are starting to send emails we are going to try and get more organized. Maybe 2 times a month with the updates of the last two weeks (besides, our prime members we will bug more often; we want them to get the best value out of their monies that they invest in us).

Speaking about spam we have this blog for less than a month and I already have 40 comments I need to filter through to figure out what is spam and whats real (mostly spam, if your message is mixed in there somewhere, I’ll get up to speed in the next 2-3 ). Ahh yea my point is, I was looking for something to block spam from entering their frustrating messages. I found it ‘NuCaptcha’ very cool – personally I’m the guy that never knows what the old captcha words are and need to try it 20 times until I get through or give up. I love this new concept (new to me). It’s an ad that has integrated into it a few letters that you just need to type as you watch an ad for something. I like it – very smart idea – we could of done something cool in Flash.

I know it’s the CS5.5 mad days. I shouldn’t talk about anything but that. If you know me you know that buzz never really maters to me. Even if I’m really happy to play with new toys, in the end of the day our core learning is way more important than anything else. With it you can use any tool at any time.

Last note of the day … I was talking with a friend about how our site really needs a good slogan (originally it was ‘School is in’ I don’t think anyone cared for it – as i’m not really a copy writer). Then it was ‘Not another Wanky tutorial site'(reflects my personality, I don’t think it touched the cord by anyone but me). I’ve been playing with the idea of ‘Education Revolution’ (I just think thats a cool thing to say even if it sounds a bit Cold War words). Back to thinking … a friend said ‘Learn Flash in a Flash’ (that’s kind of cool, as I ponder that I was saying to him that we don’t really teach in a flash). Our objective of the site is that if you really want to learn something you need to have less FX and more learning. If people can’t sit down and learn the hard things … he said yea that doesn’t change the fact that by learning these things our users will get flash in a flash, or be capable of flashing … I like that idea but before I go around changing things again what do you think ? any ideas?



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  1. Matthew Hewett says:

    SPAM SPAM SPAM, I hate it as well. As for the “NuCaptcha”, I’m eager to see what sites will begin to use it. Love what you’re doing with the blogs Ben. Also, as for the slogan, how about “Creativity of the Future Starts Here” or “Picture a Future in Flash” Just some suggestions.

    • Ben Fhala says:

      i don’t really know if i have it yet but i know it needs to be something that is both actionable and memorable like ‘just do it’. i like ‘flash in a flash’ but it doesn’t really make drive you to do something i think. even if it sounds great in my head that’s why i’m pondering out loud.

  2. Bluewoods says:

    Man…this guy really knows his stuff!

  3. Adam Scott says:

    “NuCaptcha” sounds like I need to say bless you……

    Anyway, some ideas:
    “EverythingFLA:School = (The Right Way)”, “Flash Forward”, “Give Me Your Money, and You Might Just Learn Something”, or “Flash With Us!”.

    The last one is my favorite(take it how you want to), but I leave that in your capable hands!

    • Ben Fhala says:

      Flash Forward is both a tv show and a flash confrence thingi ha but it is a good name :)

      by the way regarding my capable hands they have no textual capabilities at all. this is way more fun then working on my own when i can brain storm with other tlaented people to help us build up. so far ‘flash in a flash’ sounds the best in my head i can hear it in as a catchy 70’s radio jingle.